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Welcome to a bright and wonderful future where past and future meet in the present….

Did you know that good health may be possible for everyone and that if everyone on this planet had access to it would go a long way to solving many of the problems we face around the world?

Just imagine, is it really possible?

Drawing on the innovation and wisdom of our collective past, coupled with the creativity and inventiveness of the present, The Center For The Future introduces you to a forward-thinking plethora of wellness products and services designed not just to enhance your life, but with the intent to change the old paradigm that good healthcare is only available through the current allopathic medical model, that pharmaceutical drugs and surgery are the only answer.

Imagine a place, where….


We are Andrew and Doe, and through The Center For The Future, we have offered leading-edge ideas, products, and services since 1999, spreading awareness of what is possible for ourselves and our planet. Whether through our unique energy pendants, advanced frequency wellness products, holistic voice lessons, and healing services from Doe, that include Reiki and breathwork, products that can protect you from the onslaught of microwave frequencies from cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc., the goal of The Center For The Future remains the same….to facilitate for our planet the real possibility of an enhanced and enlightened future.

But we have much more – please read on….

Over the years we have realized that there is one thing most people wish for, good health. Having good health provides the foundation to live a fulfilled and happy life. The problem is, however, that good health is difficult to come by when we are constantly bombarded with pharmaceutical and fast food advertising that brainwashes us into thinking that the human immune system can be replaced with a plethora of vaccines, and that eating a sizeable double cheeseburger with fries, washed down with by a 20 oz coke, is a good idea, as long as it’s accompanied with a selection of statin and blood pressure medications to offset the consequences. Unfortunately, however, they just create even more health problems.

We believe in the possibility of a bright and wonderful future, and we have come to realize, that without good health, as mentioned, people cannot simply live to their fullest potential, and often fall into destructive pastimes and patterns in the vain hope of achieving fulfillment. Over the years The Center For The Future has offered a variety of innovative and cutting-edge products; some have come and gone while others remain, tried, and tested.

This is the third iteration of this website. The last one mysteriously disappeared one day and couldn’t be revived. So, we are building a new one offering some of the products we have always offered, plus some new and exciting ones.

Below are listed products from the following companies, and services offered by Doe Kelly. Most of the products we are offering are available right now, or as soon as we can get them back onto our website, and others are still in the works, and we hope we will be able to offer them shortly:


Biomagnetic Research

Clearing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation for over thirty years.

Visit our Electromagnetic Protection page.


For enhanced wellbeing, performance, and quality of life.

Visit the official Q-Link website

Less EMF

Shop EMF meters and shielding at

Coming Soon

We are currently trying out a very exciting wellness product from this company and are waiting to be able to promote it on this website, hopefully in the not too distant future.

Coming Soon

We are currently working to promote another exciting wellness product from this company and should have information about it very soon.

Functional and Sacred Geometry Pendants

Beautiful handmade functional Crystal Catalyst Pendants by Biomagnetic Research, designed to positively affect the personal energy field to address specific issues and concerns, and to help attract specific situations into a person’s life.

Sacred geometry pendants handcrafted by a family of artisans in India, these sparkling, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing sacred geometry pendants contain mandalas and ancient sacred symbols, set in one of five semi-precious gemstones.

Visit our Pendants page.



Offering remote Reiki sessions worldwide, and in-person in SW Longmont, Colorado – learn more.

Holistic Voice

Voice coaching and vocal instruction for the whole person, holistically orientated, plus vocal performances by Doe Kelly, in the Front Range area of Colorado – learn more.

Quantum Pulse, by VIBE Technologies

We offer sessions with our Quantum Pulse machine in Longmont, Colorado. The Quantum Pulse improves the quality of your life by bringing your vibrational level back to its natural state of being – learn more.

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