About Andrew Wheeler and Doe Kelly

and The Center For The Future

Our Mission

To raise awareness on the planet by providing alternative possibilities and solutions, enhancing the future in the here and now.

Who Are We?

In April 1999, Andrew Wheeler of Salisbury, England, and Doe Kelly of Bouldedr, Colorado, USA, ended not only a four-year “intercontinental courtship” and dance between countries (when they married in Andrew’s hometown) but their previous lives in this incarnation as a “bachelor” and “spinster.” They had met through a series of curious circumstances (too long to recount here!) in the summer of 1995, through the crop circle phenomenon.

In November 1999, Andrew became a resident alien (with a “little green card!”) of the United States, becoming at the same time a resident of the Colorado Front Range, where he and Doe began a conference vending business that ultimately¬†became known as The Center For The Future. They began to offer a variety of out-of-the-ordinary (and quite possibly, out of this world!), unique and interesting products to the public, many of which, initially, were connected with the crop circle phenomenon and sacred sites mysteries, and which ultimately culminated in the building of the first version of this website, in 2002. Out of their shared interests and experiences with crop circles, sacred sites, and alternative health and subtle energy solutions, Andrew built (with Doe’s input) the first website as a means of sharing their knowledge of and interest in alternative, future-oriented solutions, by offering products and services that they found to be valuable, forward-thinking and life-enhancing.

About The Center For The Future

The seed concept for The Center For The Future came in the late 1990s, during a series of unusual healing sessions that Doe underwent in Longmont, CO. These sessions were performed on a massage table topped with an “ascension pad” (which, interestingly, incorporated sacred geometries and magnets and came with its own ‘sacred sites connection’) and that was placed inside a large copper dodecahedron (a sacred geometric, twelve-sided shape made of copper piping). Hanging from the copper piping of the dodecahedron were individual, smaller (approx. 12″) sacred geometric “metaforms” that incorporated various gemstones and crystals. These sessions elicited an altered and enhanced state of awareness in which Doe envisioned humanity moving from the present allopathic model of medicine, with its sometimes awkward and invasive techniques (as well as focus on fixing symptoms vs. getting to/transforming the root cause of “dis-ease”) and pervasive drug culture, to a more elegant model of healing, utilizing an amazing assortment of less recognized methods – energy tools and vibrational therapies, essential oils, light devices, geometric forms, color, nutritional enhancement, gemstones, thought and belief re-evaluations, emotional healing, sound, and music. It would be in this realm that new forms of healing would be discovered and even re-discovered, and a quantum model of healing and consciousness finally be given its full due.

The name of such a place (as Doe was given to know during her sessions from an inner voice) was “The Center For The Future.” And so The Center For The Future came to be. The Center For The Future lives now in cyber-space (in the “form” of this recently updated website) and in the daily lives and imaginations of Andrew and Doe. It also lives in the visions and manifest realities of many, many other futuristic healers/visionaries who are to be found scattered across the globe. For Doe and Andrew, it also exists on the etheric level, until such time as its manifestation occurs in three dimensions as a fleshed-out, full-fledged, futuristic center for the exploration and implementation of new and innovative forms of healing, life enhancement, and transformation at the deepest levels.

A¬†whole different world of things you never knew existed, awaits you….

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