Electromagnetic Protection

Electromagnetic Protection

We offer a selection of affordable and effective products, all hand-made in the USA by Biomagnetic Research of Globe, Arizona, to help give you protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and microwave wireless frequencies, from essential personal protection to whole room clearing, protection from outside sources such as cellphone towers and power lines, household appliances, Wi-Fi, computers, tablets, automobile electronics, cellphones, and radio towers, including the latest 5G cellphone networks, smart meters, geopathic stress coming from underground, and other sources of electromagnetic radiation and negative energies.

These products have been successfully used around the world for over thirty years; in fact, they were the first of their kind on the market, they do not require batteries, and they will never wear out! As wireless technology has evolved over the years, so have these products, to keep up with the ever-changing world of electronic devices and its ever-increasing demand for wireless technologies.

These electromagnetic protection products do not block electromagnetic radiation. Rather, due to the unique ceramic material from which they are made, they absorb and then rebroadcast it out in a less harmful form. In other words, they alter its harmful nature. While we cannot claim that our products will make you 100% safe from electromagnetic radiation, no other product can either, but we can help you to at least mitigate some of the harmful effects of this insidious side-effect of today’s technologies, at an extremely affordable cost.

Product photos are not necessarily to scale.

Frequency Harmonizer PendantFrequency Harmonizer Pendant

For moderate personal emf protection.

Measures approximately 1 and 3/4″ in length.

To learn more about the Frequency Harmonizer Pendant please click here.



Celtic Flower PendantPersonal Protective Pendants

For powerful personal emf protection.

Measures 1 and 3/16 inches by 1/4 an inch – cord not included.

Four designs to choose from.

To learn more about the Personal Protective Pendants please click here.


Celtic Knot Pendant

Design :




Om Pendant





Mandala Pendant






Bullet PendantBullet Pendant

Provides the same personal emf protection as the above Personal Protective Pendants.

Measures 1 and 3/4 inches in length by 1/2 an inch diameter – cord not included.

To learn more about the Bullet Pendant please click here.



Pocket ResonatorPocket Resonator

Provides the same powerful protection as the above Personal Protective and Bullet Pendants, but is lightweight and can be carried in a pocket or body pouch.

Measures 2 and 1/2 inches in length by 1/2 an inch in diameter.

To learn more about the Pocket Resonator please click here.



Cell Phone TabCellular Phone Tab

Adhere to cell phones, cordless phone handsets, 7″ tablets, e-readers, and wireless headphones.

Measures approximately 1/2″ by 3/16″ (14mm by 5mm) with adhesive pad).

To learn more about the Cellular Phone Tab please click here.



Electronic Smog Buster TabElectronic Smog Buster Tab

Place on or adhere to desktop and laptop computers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi routers, full-size tablets, cordless phone base stations, TVs, especially smart TVs, and streaming devices, The Electronic Smog Buster Tab is a new product that fits between the Cellular Phone Tab and the 3-Hole Resonator. This tab can be used for larger cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers, printers, scanners, or any other handheld device or desktop component, especially if it has wireless communications.

Measures approximately 1″ by 3/4″ (24mm by 6mm) with the adhesive pad).

To learn more about the Electronic Smog Buster Tab please click here.



3-Hole Resonator3-Hole Resonator

Place on or adhere to microwave ovens, household appliances such as refrigerators, dimmer switches, and fluorescent lights,  especially if the appliance or electrical item has wireless communications.

Measures approximately 1″ by 3/4″ (24mm by 6mm) with the adhesive pad).

To learn more about the 3-Hole Resonator please click here.



Tri-Pak ResonatorTri-Pak Resonator

A directional device for household electrical wiring, nearby power lines, and substations, nearby cell phone towers, radio towers, your neighbor’s smart meter(s) and Wi-Fi, and nearby airport radar towers, and as an alternative in certain circumstances to the G-333 Resonator for your own smart meter. The Tri-Pak Resonator can also be used for vehicle electronics, including hybrid and all-electric vehicles, and as an alternative to the G-333 Resonator for hybrid and all-electric vehicle batteries.

Measures approximately 3 and 3/8″ by 3″ and 3/8″ by 3 and 3/8″ by 3/16″ (86 mm by 86 mm by 86 mm by 6 mm) with adhesive pad).

To learn more about the 3-Hole Resonator please click here.



G-333 ResonatorG-333 Resonator

For severe problem sources of electromagnetic radiation. Adhere to the battery casings of hybrid and all-electric vehicles, electric golf carts and wheelchairs, smart meters, and computer servers.

Measures approximately 1″ and 1/2″ by 1/2″ (40mm by 13mm) with the adhesive pad).

To learn more about the G-333 Resonator please click here.



Energy HarmonizerEnergy Harmonizer

Provides protection from geopathic stress (ground radiation) and from electromagnetic fields within a room. Can be moved from room to room and taken with you when you travel.

Measures approximately 2 and 7/8″ by 7/8″ (73mm by 24mm with adhesive pad).

The central design may differ from that shown.

To learn more about the Energy Harmonizer please click here.



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